V 2 controller module

16×2 LCD screen, blue (427 nm) and green (574 nm)  LED intensity adjustment pots, LCD contrast pot,  Absorption Sample, and Blank  Sample buttons.  A ribbon cable connects the LED and Light Sensor boards (not shown in the photo).wirewrap
The cover is flipped over – orientation – top is bottom of photo – note three empty top pins – the six wired pins can be traced with a effort effort.  Note giant 1k resistor.

The intensity adjustment pots set the blank readings separately for green (G) and blue (B).  These should be in the 600 to 900 range.

Ribbon cable key:
TSL257  :
brown  GND
red  VDD
orange  Out
LED board:   —  leds cathodes are tied to a common negative ground
yellow  GND
Green   blue led
Blue      green led     (why ?)


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