rpi based development / bench architecture

5/26/17  krph  2.3.1
{controller v2 . sample holder v3.  sw for  2.3 hardware combo = v1}

Quick note on the development and bench architecture.  While originally  I used the macbook with a direct USB connection to the photometer controller, I have since transferred development to the rpi (hostname: jupiter) which hosts the arduino integrated development environment.

The pi is connected to the photometer controler (electronics) module via USB.   From the pi, USB serial port can be used to monitor  the photometer as well as to flash the photometers arduino uno with software updates for testing and eventual operations.

To get to the pi, wifi is used.  Alternately the pi can be directly connected to USB keyboard, mouse, and connected to a standare HDMI monitor.  The latter setup is also what I use for bootstrapping new rpis.

The pi is configured as a node on my lab network, but when away from its home network, it becomes a standalone wifi access point.  This configuration allows a lot of flexibility for connecting to the rpi.  Desktop, windows 10 laptop, macbook, and android cellphone are able to connect to the rpi for access to the photometer controller.



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